About Us

Journalistic Approach

As journalists and internationally recognised film makers we combine years of experience to create captivating, intelligent, video content. Regardless of the subject matter we spend the time to really understand your organisation and consistently produce very cost effective but beautiful films. 

With our production experience and eye for creating and capturing great visuals, we make video content that gets noticed, communicates clearly and instantly connects  your audience to your message.

We are digital media experts.

We receive continual praise from our various corporate, institutional and non-profit clients for the unparalleled, professional standard of our work as well as for the consistently compelling and “on message” video projects that we are able to produce always within or below budget.


Video Services

Creative Services

Concept Development, Script Writing, Storyboards, Motion Design, Pre-visualization.


Video Production

Director/Producer and Cinematographer plus all budgets include the cost of all camera, lighting and sound packages. 


Post Production

Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D animation, Visual Effects, Sound Design, Music Scoring and Video Mastering. 

Crew & Budget

​We shoot and edit all of our own work with a minimal crew which keeps budgets affordable.  Having years of experience filming corporate and community leaders, we know how to discreetly capture the essence of each person being interviewed so that they look and sound their best in as little time as possible.

Neroli McSherry

Founder / Content Producer / Director

Neroli is a Director/Editor with many years experience working with a very diverse client base. Some of her most prominent clients include The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Westpac Group, Social Ventures Australia, The Sydney Children’s Hospital, NSW Health, The Garvan Institute, Rolls Royce and CrimeStoppers to name a few.

Neroli worked for many years as an AD and online producer in Europe and  the US and has shot all over the world on global TV ad campaigns and documentary films for various non-profit organisations.  Neroli is passionate about creating meaningful video content that really connects with the intended audience. She has worked all over the world including, England, the USA, Australia, Spain, Sth Africa, Cuba, Rwanda, Morocco and Mexico.  

She has the ability to shoot, produce, edit and create dynamic video content consistently regardless of difficult shooting environments and production constraints.

Most importantly, she has an engaging personality and is able to gain the trust of her on camera talent and get the best out of anyone.  She has extensive experience interviewing all types of people,  from CEO’s of multinational corporations to rural african farmers.

Bruce Hurwit

Executive Producer / Creative Director/ Director

Bruce in an award winning commercial and TV director with multiple Cannes Lions, Clios and AICP awards to his name. His work for Little Caesar’s has been named by Creativity Magazine as one of the best 10 TV commercials of all time and remains in the permanent collection of the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.  Bruce worked as an Art director in Advertising for BBD&O and Saatchi & Saatchi New York before transferring his creative talents to film.

Some of his clients include: Suncorp, Toyota, Nestle´, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Motorola, Pepsi, VW and Cartoon Network.  His TV works include last year’s ABC show “Exhumed” and an NBC New York pilot called “Split the Difference.” His extensive work in creating  high level content brings to True Pictures a sophistication and an in depth understanding of marketing that only comes with years of experience.


We are a full digital content creative company specialising in financial markets and the non-profit sector. 


We combine our skills in journalism and cinematography to create captivating, intelligent and visually stunning video content that instantly connects your audience to your message.


Neroli McSherry

Founder | Content Producer | Director
+61409 777 921

Bruce Hurwit

Executive producer | Creative Director | Director
+61418 466 585

Director's Reel: www.brucehurwit.com